Go Forward, Star Trek, Not Backward




            I think that the real reason why Star Trek Enterprise did not have stellar success is reflected in the expression, “You can’t go home again.” The powers-that-be wanted to recreate the enchantment of the first series, but by definition, that’s impossible. There can only be one first, and the Kirk-Spock Star Trek was it, period. I also suspect that a lot of the fans, accustomed to taking for granted well-functioning transporters, shields, etc., just didn’t want to be patient with a scenario in which much of Trek’s back-bone technology didn’t work very well, if at all.

Like probably everybody, I have my own recommendation of what type of series should be next. Set it in the twenty-fifth century. Stop making the crew predominantly human; put us in the minority, for a change. Have an alien captain. My best recommendation would be to find a mesmerizingly handsome man cut from the same mold as Spock and Sarek: perhaps that perfectly-cast actor who portrayed “young Sarek,” in Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier: Jonathan Simpson. Make him captain, and a pureblooded Vulcan, not half. For really fascinating frequent fireworks, make his first officer Cardassian. Best choice: get dazzling Mr. Marc Alaimo to play his (Dukat’s) own son or grandson – Have they ever established the length of a Cardassian lifespan??? – one of his legitimate descendants, now, not half-Bajoran; after all, Dukat had seven legitimate children from whom to choose! I’m not suggesting that Cardassia should be a tame Federation-member, far from it! But there were Bajorans in Starfleet even though Bajor was not a member: Ro Laren and Sito Jaxa to name two. In fact, here’s a suggestion about Bajor, for some real drama! The granddaughters of the women who suffered under the Occupation are now teenagers: the universal, perennial, rebellious period. They’re sick and tired of hearing grandma bemoan how horrible the Occupation was, and mom gripe about the deprivation of the reconstruction. So, just to be contrary and show independence, they start dating young teenage Cardassian boys in droves! Grandmas and moms freak, all over Bajor! That should be worth occasional upheavals. Get Mr. Jeffrey Combs to be an Andorian chief-of-security or navigator or helmsman; he makes one-heck-of-a-fine Andorian! (Shran, of Enterprise). Get any regulars or semi-regulars from all of the previous series that you can: each one will automatically pull in all of the fans that especially loved him (or her)!

            And finally, please, please, it’s time for the Deep Space 9 cast to have its turn at the movie part of the franchise!

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