Let's Communicate! 



Essay Synopsis

A Better Perspective. Studying French provides a better perspective on English.
Collective Nouns. The recent misuse of collective nouns is alarming.
Common Mindless Platitudes. Empty and empty-headed remarks to those who are hurting.
Phone Manners. Why arenít there any?
Itching-Powder Expressions. Why do some people parrot the same annoying phrases endlessly?
The Overused And Abused. Why must some words be repeated ad-nauseum?
Language Pet Peeves. Common errors that raise my blood pressure.
Language Pet Peeves 2. More common errors that raise my blood pressure.
Past Tense Making Me Tense. If your native language is English, you have no excuse.
Faulty Reasoning. The recent typical non-sequitir.
Linguistic Drift. The embarrassed young lady who came to regret linguistic drift.
Why The Confusion? Why is there such confusion between Miss and Mrs.?


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