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Story Synopsis

Harsh Realities A semi-sequel to "Of The Highest Order."
When It Pours An AU-version of the episode, "When It Rains."
The Reptiles Of War An AU-version of the episode, "The Dogs Of War."
Rite Of Passage This story follows the episode, "Nor The Battle To The Strong."
Renegotiations An AU attempts to "fix" the problem of the Demilitarized Zone.
Mirror Image What if the Mirror-Universe Garak came to our universe for a while?
Alternate Crossover A what-if based on the episode, "Crossover."
Button, Button, Who Had The Button? What if the Dominion hadn't controlled the Cardassians during the Second Occupation?
Now Whose Fault Is It? What if Bashir and O'Brien had been left behind during the Second Occupation, instead of Jake?
Now Whose Fault Is It? AU2 Still another universe based on the same theme.
After The Tribunal, AU2 An alternate ending provided by another universe.
Enemy Thine, AU2 Another universe's version.
Subtly Unnerving A semi-sequel to Above And Beyond.
Too Much Of A Risk A human female castaway on the same planet as our favorite Cardassians.
Orion Slavery A human female former Orion slave learns to love our favorite Cardassians.
War Of Awkwardness Garak and Damar urge Kira to bed Dukat in a plot to strike at the Dominion.
Details Revealed Garak, Dukat, Damar, and Kira share many awkward confessions in Mila's basement.
Kira's Moment Of Truth Kira pushes Garak, Dukat, and Damar entirely too far.

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