I’ve always loved to write “what ifs.” What if things had happened differently from the way that they had in the series. This is one such story, based on the second-season episode, “Forbidden World.”


Smith had made a serious mistake by sending the Robot out to investigate the new planet, against the strict orders of Robinson and West. And now they were going to force him to go out and rescue the machine.

John said sternly, tightly, “You’ll go if we have to carry you out.”

“I won’t do it!” Smith bellowed. “I absolutely will not do it! You’ll have to hurt me to get me out there!” He looked triumphant. His triumph did not last long.

Don grinned hugely. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve waited to hear you say something like that?”

John was grim. “That was a foolish mistake, Smith.”

Smith backed away, raising his hands in front of him. Don came at him from one side of the astrogator, and John from the other side. The set of their jaws was firm.

“Oh no! No!!”

They were almost upon him.

Smith screamed shrilly. “Oh please!! I changed my mind!!!”

The two men knew that they had to teach him a valuable lesson. West punched him in the stomach, and Robinson struck him in the back. Smith dropped to the floor, gasping and sobbing.

“That was stupid, Smith,” Robinson informed him coldly.

“Now do we still have to carry you out?” West said challengingly.


Robinson’s brows rose. “You still dare to defy us?”

“No!” Smith was confused and alarmed. “I only meant that…now I’ll have to be carried, as I can no longer walk.”

Both men groaned.

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