Let's Use Uncommon Sense 



Essay Synopsis

Another Stereotype To Hate Iíll bet you never even thought about this one.
If Youíre Talkiní You Ainít Learniní Why must everybody always interrupt today?
Individual Customers Salespeople assume that weíre all alike.
Law Against Laws Punish the innocent for the actions of the guilty?
Lopsided Priorities Keep sick students at home!
Reverse Discrimination It gets more and more blatant.
Stop Global Whining Human-caused climate change is a hoax.
Suffer For Nothing Letís keep more of what we earn.
The Issue Political philosophy.
The Point Must Be Made Why the election went so disastrously wrong.
They Always Give Us Something To Fight Now itís light-bulbs?
Fan Of The Multiverse Imagine the glorious possibilities!
Trekís True Inspiration You may be surprised.
Judgment Many people have too narrow a focus.
The Evolution Hoopla How can there even be a question?
The Abortion Falderal Perhaps you have not looked at it this way.
Todayís Angst Greater happiness lies in not being a sheep.
Short-Sighted America The foolishness of our throw-it-away society.
Generations Flipped Itís way past time to swap them back.
Modern Echoes Of The Civil War Letís admit the obvious.
I Donít Want To Be A Paragon Iíll stand up and admit this, too.
Say What??? Letís dare to be different.
They Took The May Out Of Gourmet The masses have ruined fine dining for the rest of us.


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